clamwin for mozilla mail or thunderbird

  • Edward Flick

    Edward Flick - 2004-09-25

    I totally agree, I am one of those people. A POP3 proxy would be worthless to me.

    • CoSoCo

      CoSoCo - 2005-11-01

      I totally agree, I am one of those people.

      Please integrate support for Mozilla, Netscape and Thunderbird.
      Here we are in open source space, and we like to be free as it's possible from Microsoft.

  • c0Ld

    c0Ld - 2005-01-05

    I hope thunderbird support comes soon :)

  • beldroan

    beldroan - 2005-01-11

    Here here! That would be cool!

  • John Harris U. Pe

    I've tried ClamMail and it works fine! Now I use ClamWin for downloads and ClamMail for POP3 Emails. This covers the 2 major risks to anti-virus for a [personal] computer, I'd say. Good job to all the developers!

  • boguslaw brandys

    If somebody know how to create XPI plugin for integrating clamav into Thunderbird it would be interesting. This XPI could for example catch e-mail into temporary file for scanning.Anybody ?

    • Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen

      I don't know anything about it as yet, but I am looking at it right now and will hopefully be able to make such an xpi plugin.

  • Mick Weiss

    Mick Weiss - 2005-07-04

    Anyone who wants to develop this, lets collaborate on it.

    email me (micklweiss). I'm working on i18n support now, but this would be next on my list. I'd really like to work with someone else though, and not go at it alone.

    • Mick
    • slim23 4-EveR

      slim23 4-EveR - 2005-08-11

      Hey Mick.
      Seem like Ill meet U allways again ... ;-)))
      I field a similar bug as [RFE] and the admin (Russ) gave me this link ... U know Im interessted in everything. ;-)))
      Greets slim.

  • rak

    rak - 2005-08-16

    hi, sorry to jump in but im intresting in helping with clam translation, Im not a prof coder but perhaps i can lend a hand.???
    I'm allready translating some docs to spanish but i would like to do something more...

  • Andrew Corrigan

    Andrew Corrigan - 2005-08-23

    I just want to pipe in that I'd love to see this too.


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