#47 scan report doesn't reach summary

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I have ClamWin installed on both Windows 2000 and
Windows XP machines. I have only experienced the
following problem on XP machines. When ClamWin is run
as a non-administrator user, the scan report never
seems to complete: the report never gets to
the "summary" section. If a virus is detected, no alert
email is sent out. The scan runs again at the next
scheduled point; but no scan report summaries are ever
generated. Otherwise, it's most helpful software.


  • alch

    alch - 2004-06-15

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    It probably locks up on a certain file. Can you attach one
    of the reports when it hangs. Also could you try on a system
    here the problem exuists to scan a single file that you know
    is not in use by any program and see if it completes and
    produces the summary.

  • ppasaba

    ppasaba - 2004-06-15
  • ppasaba

    ppasaba - 2004-06-15

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    I attached a copy of the log file ... all the winxp computers
    where I'm having this probem have a similar log file. I've been
    looking on google for information about the ntuser.dat.LOG file
    and it seems like people running other virus scanners
    (particularly AVG antivirus) also have this problem. Some of
    the entries mention a trojan virus ... I'll keep looking and post
    any helpful information I find.

  • alch

    alch - 2004-06-15

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the log file however it probably doesn't show the
    source of the problem. The report only shows the files where
    there was an error (couldn't open a file) but I suspect it
    hangs after that on some other file (possiblly corrupt) and
    doesn't even get a chance to report it as an error.

    Could you manually scan the C:/Documents and Settings/Staff/
    folder and copy and paste the scan window results after it


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Here is one of my file that would not reach summary when


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