#410 Trojan tudja.exe under Windows Vista


Dear ClamWin fellows,
I have been using (updated) ClamWin on my home PC (W Vista) for 1 year. But recently my machine began to crash untimely (faint white or blue or orange screens, or W "blue screens"): after (sluggish) start up it works only a few minutes then stops. When I run ClamWin to check my disk, the PC auto-shuts down before the end of the scan. When I use online security functions, e.g. virus scan from my Yahoo mailbox, the PC crashes too.
I also mention that I had installed/uninstalled the browser Google Chrome before the trouble begins (but maybe it has nothing to do with it).
Finally I have an USB flash/disk that I usually plug to the Vista PC; I scanned it for viruses using a corporate networking antivirus application, that detected a Trojan named "tudja.exe". So I suspect that this Trojan is on the PC and causes the crashes.
Do you have any detailed info on this tudja.exe (characteristics of the virus, virus programmer/developer, country of origin, trigger or sponsor website, etc.) ?
Is an improvement of ClamWin efficiency against this trojan possible ? Do specific security programs or patches exist that I could download to eradicate tudja from W Vista ?
If not, what is the solution to remove this trojan ?
Sincerely yours,
C. Fermanian


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