#386 Desynchronized file paths when installing to new location

Setup (38)

I downloaded and ran the newest version of the ClamWin installer. It asked me for the file path, offering the default, which is where my previous installation was. However, I no longer install to Program Files, so I changed the filepath. Installation appeared to go normally, and I updated the virus db also.

When I started Clam again, however, it said that I did not yet download the database, and asked if I wanted to do that. So I said yes. It appeared to download main.cvd and some diffs. Then it completed, and I closed/restarted Clam. It brought up the same message again. I let it download again. This time it said main.cvd was up to date, then proceeded to download daily.cvd.

This seemed like rather odd behavior so I checked the configuration. The installer appears to have replaced the Start menu entries and the Add/Remove Programs entry with the new version and paths. However, the actual configuration file (or registry key, whatever Clam is using) has not been modified. Thus, the Preferences->File Locations still shows the old Program Files install path.

Since the installer does not actually uninstall (delete) the old files, these are valid paths, just not the right ones in this case. I think it's the cause of the problem above: Clam is probably looking in the old directories, which ultimately means that it's probably going to use the old exe's as well, if the user does not clue in to this happening. The install script needs to check for the possibility that a new install path is entered, and update the existing config accordingly, while preserving the user's other preferences.


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