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2.29 released

This release fixes a possible crash when virus definitions are not found.

Posted by Dave M 2007-03-04

2.28 released

This release adds additional language support (Czech). It should be (mostly) ready for ClamAV 0.90. Note that there is also a new release of clamtk-kde.

Posted by Dave M 2007-02-24

2.27 released

This release features minor updates, including a new icon.

Posted by Dave M 2007-01-13

2.26 released

This release fixes a lag in the display and cleans up a few other areas. The *.fc3.rpm file works with FC3, and FC4, FC5, and FC6 use the *.fc.rpm file. FC3 will no longer be supported shortly, but CentOS will. The CentOS rpms are built according to Dag's ClamAV packages.

Posted by Dave M 2006-10-28

2.25 released

This release fixes a bug whereby files were not being deleted when requested. Also, there is now a CentOS rpm which is identical to the FC3 rpm, although actually built on a CentOS 4.4 system. FC3 will no longer be supported shortly, but CentOS will. The CentOS rpms are built according to Dag's ClamAV packages.

Posted by Dave M 2006-10-18

2.23 released

This release fixes an issue with recursive scanning. Additionally, the Brazilian (pt_BR) translation was updated, an interface was fixed, and the RPM spec file was improved. Finally, a new version of clamtk-kde has also been released.

Posted by Dave M 2006-08-13

2.22 released

This release adds language support for Russian (ru_RU). Additionally, the "Scan File" option can now scan multiple files rather than just one.

Posted by Dave M 2006-07-29

2.20 released

This release is the first to offer support for additional languages: Danish (da_DK), German (de_DE), Portugese (pt_BR), and Chinese (zh_CN).

Posted by Dave M 2006-06-18

2.19 released

This release adds additional paths to look for virus definitions, fixes a bug that prevented quarantined viruses from being deleted, and updates some older code. Additionally, --block-encrypted was re-added to the clamscan options.

Posted by Dave M 2006-05-15

2.15 released

The number of virus signatures count has been re-fixed. Also, an unnecessary dependency was removed, several gui enhancements were added and some translations have been provided for the .desktop file. Finally, only one (noarch) rpm is provided for Fedora Cores 3 and 4 rather than separate rpms; the Debian build has not been changed.

Posted by Dave M 2006-02-12

2.14 released

Command line arguments are accepted again in the way of a file or directory. Along those lines, you can now right-click in Nautilus on a file and send it to be scanned. For KDE users, also download and use the clamtk-kde binaries, which allows the same thing through Konqueror. Other improved code and features, including improved Debian builds.

Posted by Dave M 2006-01-21

2.13 released

This release adds right-click functionality to quarantine and delete. This should be much safer than initially selecting "Delete" and running it. It also removes some unneeded dependencies and changes some code to remove deprecated commands. This is a recommended upgrade.

Posted by Dave M 2006-01-02

1.0.7 Released

This is a bug-fix release. An old bug which reappeared was fixed (zip-related), and a crash which occurred when using "Scan File" option was fixed. Also, the need for perl-Archive-Zip was removed. The next release, unless for bug fixes, will be an almost total rewrite.

Posted by Dave M 2005-03-04

1.0.6 Released

Lots of bugfixes were made. This is the first release to include a warning if the virus signatures are out of date.

Posted by Dave M 2005-02-28

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