[ANNOUNCE] cl-net-snmp 6.0

========================== CL-NET-SNMP 6.0 =============================

The CL-NET-SNMP project is pleased to announce the release of 6.0.
This is a major release which contains numerous enhancements and
bug fixes from the last 5.x release.

CL-NET-SNMP is a free, high-level implementation of the Simple Network
Management Protocol (SNMP), which is common used for Unix/Linux system
administration and network management. CL-NET-SNMP provides a fast ASN.1
BER encode/decode engine; a MIB to Common Lisp compiler; a dynamic MIB
loader for runtime loading of MIB objects; a SNMP server which could run
inside any supported Common Lisp platform for montoring your Lisp
server-side applications; and an group of handful interface function for
doing every SNMP operations. On LispWorks, CL-NET-SNMP has a GUI based
"MIB Browser". CL-NET-SNMP supports SNMPv3 by help of the IRONCLAD
crypto library, and do UDP networking based on USOCKET 0.5. CL-NET-SNMP
is maintained by Chun Tian (binghe), a Chinese Common Lisp programmer.

New in this release:

* Feature enhancements:
- The MIB Compiler now works on all supported platform. On platforms
other than LispWorks, it use a customized CL-YACC for LALR parsing
of ASN.1-formated MIB definition files.
- The long awaited dynamic MIB loader has been added. It can be used
to load any MIB file into Lisp image at runtime, without need of
COMPILE-FILE, EVAL or other high-level Lisp functions.
- The speed of ASN.1 BER encode has been much improved, thanks to
J. Fremlin (MSI).

* Bugfixes:
- When calling SNMP:OPEN-SESSION with keyword :USER and no :VERSION,
a v3-session but v2c-session should be created.

* Other changes:
- All ASN.1 related code has been merged into SNMP package.
- Now we only depend on USOCKET 0.5 and IRONCLAD.
- MIB files from IANA, IETF, Cisco, VMware, etc. has been updated.
- Now 'snmp-mib.asd' only load very few prebuilt MIB files. For rest
of them, user can load what they want using the new MIB loader,
see function SNMP:LOAD-MIB

See <URL: http://common-lisp.net/projects/cl-net-snmp/> for download
information, guidelines on reporting bugs, and mailing list details.

I hope you enjoy using this release of CL-NET-SNMP!

Chun Tian (binghe) <binghe.lisp@gmail.com>, 2011-3-19

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2011-03-19

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