[ann] cl-net-snmp 5.19

Common Lisp SNMP (cl-net-snmp) 5.19

New packages in this release:

* snmp 5.19 (snmp-server 3.11)
* asn.1 4.14
* usocket-udp 2.4

[Support Platforms]

* CMUCL (version >= 2008-08 snapshot)
* Clozure CL
* LispWorks (plus ASN.1 compiler and GUI tools)
* Allegro CL
* Scieneer CL (need a udp patch)


* http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=209101

[SVN Repository]



* SNMP 5.17 ~ 5.19:

5.17: SNMP-GET on single OBJECT-ID instance works now, missing method

5.18: New SMI design, SNMP special variables such as NoSuchObject and
EndOfMibView changed from keyword symbol to instances of SMI

5.19: [SNMPv3] GENERATE-KU use the non-stream version to support more
CL include SCL which doesn't support Gray Streams.

* SNMP-SERVER 3.6 ~ 3.11:

3.6: bugfix: Cancel use of read-macros on some MIB variables such as
"lispMachineInstance" and "lispMachineVersion", which should be
calculated at runtime but compile-time.

3.7: (server-side fix after SNMP 5.18)

3.8: Fix for SCL, SNMP thread will exit automatically when (QUIT)
called, or SCL process will hang forever. This need USOCKET-UDP
newer than 2.4

3.9: [MIB] new SCL-MIB added, it's been defined at:
iso.org.dod.internet.private. enterprises.lisp.common-lisp.scl

3.10: REGISTER-VARIABLE enhancements and export this symbol to user.

3.11: (PROCESS-OBJECT-ID (OBJECT-ID (EQL :GET))) Fix, formerly
variables such as "laLoad.1" cannot be processed correctly to

* ASN.1 4.13 ~ 4.14:

4.13: Fix BER decode on SEQUENCE contains unknown ASN.1 data (RAW),
export ASN.1-TYPE and GENERAL-TYPE which used by SNMP 5.18

4.14: Add a fallback BER-EQUAL to fix SNMP-WALK bug after SNMP 5.18,
export VALUE-OF which used to access slot of GENERAL-TYPE.


2.4: Fix for SCL, SOCKET-SERVER thread will exit automatically after
(QUIT) be called in SCL. We start to look at
THREAD:*QUITTING-LISP* in server loop.

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-11-16

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