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CKRM Tutorial @ OLS 2005

We will presenting a tutorial at OLS 2005. Details at

Posted by Chandra Seetharaman 2005-04-28

IRC channel for CKRM created

Matt Helsley has created a IRC channel to discuss CKRM. Details:
Channel: #ckrm
Network: OFTC

Feel feel to join the channel and post your questions/concerns to get realtime answers.

Thanks Matt.

Posted by Chandra Seetharaman 2005-04-28


Rik van Riel presented CKRM at the 2nd Swiss Unix conference held from Sep 2nd to 4th in Zurich.
Details at

Posted by Chandra Seetharaman 2004-09-10

CKRM @ OLS 2004

CKRM was presented at OLS 2004. Here is the paper (
and here are the slides
and here (
is the feedback as posted by Shailabh to the mailing list.

Posted by Chandra Seetharaman 2004-08-17

ckrm e15 is available

e15 version of ckrm, the core, rcfs, rbce, numtasks resource controller, socket accept queue resource controller, cpu resource controller, memory resource controller and I/O resource controller are available at

ckrm-bundle has core, rcfs, rbce numtasks controller and socket accept queue controller

Posted by Chandra Seetharaman 2004-08-16