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Civil 0.83 released

Civil 0.83 is now released. Lots of changes, but most importantly this marks a return to a realtime based engine.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2004-08-20

Civil 0.82 released

Civil 0.82 was released today. This version includes faster LOS code, support for battles from multiple theatres and numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Civil is a turn-based strategy game about battles in the American Civil War. Features network play, fancy graphics and audio.

Posted by Gareth Noyce 2003-06-16

Civil 0.81

Civil 0.81 "omniscience" released. Contains _huge_ amounts of patches and several new features.

Posted by Marcus Alanen 2002-09-09

Civil 0.80

It's a pleasure to announce that Civil [], a turn-based network strategy game written using Python and Pygame (the superb SDL wrapper for Python --\) has now reached version 0.80.

This release is the culmination of several month's hard work and the result is a faster, leaner, more playable Civil.

0.80 is tagged in the CVS now, packages for Debian, Redhat and win32 platforms will be added to the downloads page over the course of the weekend.... read more

Posted by Gareth Noyce 2002-08-30

Version 0.70 tagged

Civil ( has now reached version 0.70. This is possibly the largest milestone to date, with Civil undergoing many substantial changes in preparation for the 1.0 release. Please check out the website for details and full change-log...

Posted by Gareth Noyce 2002-04-27

Civil now turnbased

Civil is now a turnbased game instead of realtime. The new system gives us better possibilities of creating a good strategy game.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2002-01-30

Version 0.50 tagged in CVS

Finally we've tagged version 0.50 of Civil in CVS. This version has major enhanchments over 0.40 with new features such as combat and sound effect support.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-10-31

Version 0.40 tagged in CVS

Version 0.40 has now been tagged in the CVS repository as CIVIL-0_40. It marks a milestone on the way towards 1.0.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-09-03

Lead Developer Ties the knot...

Yes indeed, Mr Chakie has finally walked down the aisle to take the hand of his lovely girlfriend in marriage. We all wish them both a long and happy future together... :)

Posted by Gareth Noyce 2001-08-19

Version increment 0.30!

After loads more improvements, extra graphics and line of sight improvements, Civil has been incremented to 0.30! We're still rushing towards that 1.0 release...

Posted by Gareth Noyce 2001-07-17

Version 0.20 tagged in CVS

After a lot of new stuff has been added to Civil it was again time to increment the version number to show some progress. The version 0.20 is tagged as CIVIL-0_20 in CVS.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-04-26

Version 0.10 tagged in CVS

To celebrate recent progress I thought it could be nice to bump up the version a little bit, so 0.10 is here.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-03-14

Version 0.03 tagged in CVS

Version 0.03 is now tagged in CVS to celebrate that Civil has now successfully been split into a server and a client.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-02-12

Version 0.02 tagged in CVS

The version 0.02 has now been tagged in the CVS repository. Get it using the tag CIVIL-0_02.

Posted by Jan Ekholm 2001-01-15

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