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Civ4 Mods:Total Realism releases 2.0

The Total Realism mod team has released version 2.0. (This mode was formerly known as Realism - the Third Resurrection). This mod marks two months of hard work and the culmination of a lot of different threads of development. More information is available at

Major features include CivIV 1.61 patch compatibility, restructuring of religions and holy cities, alterations to asassins, massive quantities of new unique civ units, changes to city razing, lots of graphics changes, a killer worldmap, different technology trading, etc. ... read more

Posted by Christian Edward Gruber 2006-06-06

Realism nears release compatible with Civ4 1.61

The Realism group (a CivIV Mods group) is nearing release of a version of Realism that with both provide compatibility with CivIV 1.61 patch, but will also substantially improve game-play. A variety of new game behaviours and options, the integration of several top-notch 3rd party mods, as well as the addition of a number of new Unique Units (unique to a civilization) will dramatically increase the player's enjoyment of the game. With new resources, careful attention to game balance, and a great playable world map, the developers are putting their all into this new release of one of the most popular Civ IV modifications. Keep watching - the wait will be worth it.

Posted by Christian Edward Gruber 2006-05-29

Civ4Mods Project release Patch 1.09 for Total Realism

The Total Realism project has released patch 1.09, which fixes certain crash errors related to building units such as catapults and trebuchets, etc.

The patch still only works with CivIV 1.52 - a forthcoming patch will update support for CivIV 1.61.

Israfil - project admin.

Posted by Christian Edward Gruber 2006-04-21

Civ4Mods Project releases TotalRealism v1.0

The Civ4Mods project today released v1.0 of the TotalRealism mod. Originally called Realism, reborn several times, the TotalRealism mod for Civilization IV aims to balance units, balance technology pace, and provide a more realistic game pace.

TotalRealism incorporates some of the most popular feature mods from the Civ4 community, and adds to them some of the team's own alterations. After several weeks of effort and testing, the TotalRealism Mod has doubled the total features and modifications from its previous source-forge release, v0.78.08. ... read more

Posted by Christian Edward Gruber 2006-04-17

First CivIV Realism Mod Release on Sourceforge

The Civ4Mods project offered its first CivIV modification release. This first public sourceforge release of the Realism mod (v 0.72.08) marks the complete transion of development of this mod to Sourceforge. It also represents a very playable revision of the CivIV experience. Game time-frames have been changed, plenty of additional units, partial re-working of religions, and other changes provide more rewarding play.... read more

Posted by Christian Edward Gruber 2006-03-30