#30 Religion, IFV

The Don

If religion is "no state religion" as a result of the civic 'free religions', then one should be able to spread multiple religions per city. Currently if a city has defined 'dominant' religion (Judaism and Islam I've found so far as there is no mention of what the dominant religions are except for Judaism), no other religion can be spread in that city. Further, if a defined dominant religion is spread in a city with other religions present, the latter disappear. This behaviour is inconsistent with the probable intent of the free religion civic and also makes it hard to get the bonuses this civic gives.

The IFV transport ability needs to be restricted to non-mechanised units. At the moment if can load up anything, including modern armour! Any unit that walks, including settlers and workers, spys, etc, should be loadable (as it should also be for the armoured car and humvee)

The howitzer should also be tagged as being an armoured unit.