#19 Naming and other suggestions


I've proposed some naming changes/fixes.

- Thermopylae has to go from Greek city list, that's
not a city (Ephesos is not in the list, so one can add
it to keep the number).

- Edo and Tokyo are ancient and modern names for the
same city, so one has to go (preferably Tokyo - as both
names are not first on the list and not meant to be

- Yakutsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok are too high on
Russian city list. Those are far in Siberia/Far East,
and as such should be founded somewhat later
(absolutely after Tver).

- Rename phalanx to hoplites. Phalanx is a name of
formation (and quite a generic one) while hoplite is a

- T84 is a modification of Russian T80. As in the game
the unit is Russian, not Ukrainian, it should be
designated T80. Though, it has never really been
accepted into Russian military service, and should be
replaced with T90 (current Russian MBT) or Black Eagle
(the one they're going to rearm to) as soon as those
units are available. Also, T80, while not shining when
it comes to battle stats, is one of the most mobile and
all-terrain tanks in the world. Maybe it should get no
terrain penalty?

- Rename Greek Archer to Toxotis and Companion Cavalry
to Hetairoi, to make them sound less generic. Rename
Roman Cavalry to Equites. Consider giving Romans some
warrior-like guys with javelins instead of archers

- Some balance issues: early religions spread too quick
for the lowered pace of the game, leaving later
religions no room to spread. I have several ideas to
prevent this from happening: limit missionary
production for early religions to a later tech, like
philosophy or theology (maybe combined with downscaling
overall spread speeds); make every religion have a
special 5-10 turn "initial spread" phase when it
spreads wildly and either ignores or destroys rival
religions in the cities where it's present, thus
establishing some initial "powerbase" to a newborn
religion, giving one-two civs a motivation to convert
to it - this, of course, will require some python work.
But I guess that's possible for the brilliant person
who did the Religion Mod.

- Not only Judaism, but also other Abrahamic Religions
(Christianity and Islam) should be dominant. Under
appropriate ruler they should destroy religions they
consider "heathen" (a term existing only in those
religions) upon spread. This would also eliminate the
need for Inquisitor unit, as such behavior is not
really appropriate to, say, Taoism.

- Give horse archers 100% defence versus spearmen. It
shouldn't be appropriate to attack fast mobile cavalry
with formed spearmen (phalanx especially), and make
horse archers what they should be - not top danger, but
a menace very hard to catch and root out, most suitable
for raiding. Currently horse archers in enemy territory
without infantry cover are a sure victim for spearmen -
but that's not how a raid should look like!


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