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Realism/new mods

cytadc@yahoo.com (waiting on sourceforge registration
email to go through)

The current resource system in CIV is flawed. It works
based on the premise that as long as you have some of a
resource you can do anything with it in any amount or
anyway you desire.

I would suggest a resource system in which units do not
require resources but become cheaper with each one of a
resource you possess upto a set limit of 3 or so.

For example, if you have no iron you can still
construct swordsmen but they are very expensive to show
the lack of any large iron supply.

If you have Iron the cost of the swordmen drops 50% or
so to show that now you do have a large supply of iron
to speed the process of making the swords/armor for them.

If you have 2 sources of iron then the cost can reduce
an additional 5-10% and so on for each additional
instance of the resource perhaps with a total cap on
the cost at 3 or 4 or 5 of the resource. Perhaps a
diminishing returns for each extra reduction?

1 Iron-> 50% total cost reduction
2 Iron-> 60% total cost reduction
3 Iron-> 65% total cost reduction
4 Iron-> 68% total cost reduction
5 Iron-> 70% total cost reduction
6 Iron-> 70% total cost reduction

This also puts an additional consideration into trading
of resources. Do you trade that extra resource for
another you need that you don't have any of or keep it
for reduced pricing of what you are building?

This would no doubt be a difficult undertaking to code
into the Realism mod as I am not aware of any
pre-existing mod that does this, but would both enhance
the realism of the mod and, I believe, greatly enhance
gameplay and the choices the player must make.

Probably the largest possible pitfall to consider would
be how the AI might respond to this.

Another potential problem might be how to set reduced
costs for multiple resource requirement items. It
could get complicated.

I am willing to work on this as much as my abilities
permit but my coding knowledge is next to non-existant.
Anything within XML I can probably handle, however
this is not an XML based mod.


  • Peter Bodnar

    Peter Bodnar - 2006-06-09

    Logged In: YES

    interesting idea, but i don't know if it possible make this
    in python..maybe in SDK, but as mentioned, then is needed to
    improve AI..so not in near future...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'd like to second this request, however I think the
    original cost reduction scheme is too much too soon and too
    little with additional resources. I'd use the following

    1 resource->20% reduction
    2 resource->40% reduction
    3 resource->50% reduction
    4 resource->60% reduction
    5 resource->65% reduction
    6 resource->70% reduction
    7 resource->75% reduction
    8 resource->80% reduction
    9 resource->85% reduction
    10 resource->90% reduction

    Each additional resource has no effect.