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The BUG Mod / News: Recent posts

BUG 3.5

SO many new goodies added, we can't even begin to list them here. Enjoy the best release of BUG ever!

Posted by Alerum 2008-10-13

BUG 3.0 & BAT 1.0 have arrived!

Yes, we have finally released the new version of BOTH BUG and BAT. Both are compatible with regular Beyond the Sword, as well as Civilization: Gold, and Civilization: Complete. It is also compatible with version 3.13 as well as version 3.17!

Enjoy the changes, and let us know what you think!

Posted by Alerum 2008-07-13

BUG 2.30 Released

Many many changes and improvments.

Full PlotListEnhancments now added.
Improved Military Advisor, that you'll love!

Posted by Alerum 2008-05-06

BUG 2.21 and BAT 0.07 are out!

The new versions of both of these Mods are out. We've also added a Online Help File. Just visit our website (, and click on either The BUG or BAT Mod link, and near the bottom will be a link for their help files, viewable online.

Have fun!
The BUG Team

Posted by Alerum 2008-03-22

Version 2.1 Released!

Version 2.10 has been released. Expect 2.2 soon, which will have many updated and improved Civ4lerts.

Posted by Alerum 2007-10-28