We've released BUG Mod 3.6!

Major new features include
Plus many small imrprovements, bug fixes, and much more!

Here is the full change log:

Changes in BUG Mod 3.6:

New Features:

- Added map script "Maze" by Sirian
- Field of View slider on the main screen
- Improvements to stats tab on info screen
- Tick Marks for selected progress bars (tech, food, production)
- Tick Marks: Added whip threshold indicator to city production bar (look for yellow center tick mark)
- Added FoodAssist: net food added to stores per turn and turns until starvation
- Added EventSigns: plots whose yields change due to random events marked on the map with signs
- Added BUG Finance Advisor with detailed line items for Commerce and Income
- Added Min/Max Commerce Rate buttons: set any commerce rate to 0% or 100% with one click
- Added Gold Rate Warning: yellow gold rate when negative but not enough to go below zero
- Added Strategy Overlay: create a multicolored in-game dot map
- Log the current turn slider values (gold, science, culture, espionage)


- Customizable Domestic Advisor (CDA) now also resizable based on 2 new BUG options
- CDA: Added a "whip anger" column to CDA (not added to any pages)
- CDA: coloring options now allow reversed comparisons (i.e. higher numbers are worse)
- Show attitudes in leaderhead hovers in Exotic Foreign Advisor (EFA) Info tab and Military Advisor (MA)
- EFA Info tab: Added Domestic Trade total and correct detection of possibility of trade routes
- EFA Info tab: Added second trade column (for number of trade routes) to EFA Info Tab
- Advanced Scoreboard: option to show Civ ID number; layout character is "I" but it's not in the default layout
- Advanced Scoreboard: option to show the rank of a Civ; layout character is "K"
- Advanced Scoreboard: options for maximum players, line height, and research icon size
- Civ4lert: alert for cities that will/have become pacified after capture or revolt
- Civ4lert: alert for cities founded by known, non-vassal rivals
- Civ4lert: alert for when rival will become a vassal, capitulate, or sign a peace treaty
- Raw Yields: Split up Trade Routes total into Domestic, Foreign, and Overseas (foreign only) Trade
- Sevopedia: Resource pages show all buildings they affect in the Buildings list--not just the buildings that supply the resource
- Great General Progress Bar: Replaced "General" with icon
- BUG options screen: Improved hover texts that include multiple options and redesigned General tab
- Updated German and Italian translations
- Added CvAltRoot for use with Civ4's /AltRoot command-line feature
- F9 / Charts now includes a 3-in-1 feature that displays 3 user selected charts
- Added the ability to revert to the original BtS unit plot style
- Added the ability to add the following options to the original BtS unit plot style (promo, mission, GG, wounded, upgrade)
- Unit Info Pane: Added option to display moves left for a single unit using a fraction
- Unit Info Pane: Added min/max moves left when multiple units selected
- added 'turns to next vote' and 'vote to next election' to members tab

Bug Fixes:

- Advanced Scoreboard: Fixed offset for vassals when grouped
- Advanced Scoreboard: Changed empty vassal indent to a bullet
- Advanced Scoreboard: Changed vassal icon to a gold star for the active player
- Autolog: Added checking of logging to all logging options which was previously ignored
- Autolog: Fixed bug with Autolog onCityOffered logging which was misinterpreting a passed event argument
- IconGrid: Added changes by DanF5771 (two widget data values instead of one)
- IconGrid: Fixed bug where empty icon and stacked bar columns caused following columns to misalign
- MA: Removed event reporting
- MA: Reversed leaderhead parameters so attitude of row leaderhead is shown
- MA: Fixed scrolling display error with Worst Enemy in MA Sit Rep when there is none for a leader
- Main Interface: Fixed click/hover response on (widescreen) research bar
- Main Interface: Era Text and Great Person Bar now hide with No Interface and WorldBuilder
- CDA: Now adjusts position of Liberate button to make sure it doesn't overlap Exit text
- Advanced Scoreboard: Fixed screen redraw after peace treaty is canceled
- No more warning about xmllib being deprecated
- Fixed bug with loading options when viewing Sevopedia from the MAIN MENU
- PLE Unit Hover: Fixed calculation of Movement Points remaining
- Unit Info Pane: Fixed calculation of Movement Points remaining
- Logger: Fixed missing turn headers


New Features:

- New Font File includes citizen icon, great general icon, and blank icon
- Created FontUtil for adding new constants to FontSymbols
Define symbols in XML: <symbol id [name] [from] [offset]/>
Provides getChar(symbol) for easier access to unicode string for symbol
- CvMainInterface.updateScreen() fires gameUpdate event (not fired by Civ4)
- Added <shortcut> tag to XML configuration to create keyboard shortcuts
- Added module attribute to <mod> element that is used as default for module attributes in all child elements
- Added horizontal and vertical sliders to BUG Options Screen (see BugOptionsTab)

Bug Fixes:

- Reloading Python modules now works!
Added PythonReloaded event fired after reloading (good time to call onLoad handler for mods that store data)
- Fixed bug where Trade.findTypes() from TradeUtil.py was returning a list of types rather than a list of trades with that type
- Fixed DealCanceled event
- Option dirty bits and change functions are no longer set/called during initialization