#73 PLE Changes and fixes


Things that need to change:

Remember sort order states.

Export to it's own file and import into MainInterface, to allow the whole MOD to be optional.

Re-add hover text to XML, which was lost when porting over to BTS.

Translate XML

Finish 12Monkey's alt + click with a unit to show all available moves that unit can make that turn. I don't know if this was ever completed in original version.


  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2008-05-28

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    * Remember sort order states.

    I added "default view" and "default group" options. I don't want to write the INI every time you switch the modes, so this way you set what is default when you launch Civ, and switching in the main interface doesn't change that value.

    Not yet implemented, but the option is there.

    * Export to it's own file.

    This isn't the hard part. The hard part is making it entirely optional because it has several hooks in CvMainInterface -- not the new functions but where those are called in the original code.

    * XML

    Almost done here, only the AStar color options are left to do.

    * Finish 12Monkey's alt + click

    It's complete. You actually hold down ALT and then hover over a unit icon to see the moves. Alt-Click a stack is "select all units" in Civ. Alt-click a unit icon probably does the same thing.

  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2008-05-28
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  • Alerum

    Alerum - 2008-06-11
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  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2008-06-22

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    I've completed the default view and group modes. I set the default view mode to "multiple rows" -- the BtS standard.
    I added the GG indicator checkbox (feature was complete before).
    I added a BUG filter behavior mode in addition to standard PLE behavior. Try it out as I think it's far more intuitive.

  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2008-07-14
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed

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