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I recently came across this project, and have found several of the features extremely useful. Thanks!

One thing that confused were the somewhat arbitrary way the smilies on the scoreboard changed color. I edited gamefont75.tga for my own use in a way that made more sense to me, a smooth transition from angry red to happy yellow. (I didn't do anything to the first grey face in the row, i didn't see it anywhere in the interface.)

If you find this useful, please use it. When possible i like to give back a little to the open projects that i find useful. Unfortunately i could not attach the whole file due to it's size, attached is the relevant part.


  • eleazzaar

    eleazzaar - 2010-01-01

    improved scoreboard smilies fragment

  • eleazzaar

    eleazzaar - 2010-01-01

    I now see this is almost a duplicate of ID: 1823113

    ... which was closed.

    But from the thread it looks like the idea was stalled because it couldn't be decided which colors to use, and there was no one to do it. But since there has been some discussion on the topi (if 2 years ago), perhaps i should explain my color choice reasoning a little more.

    * Whatever colors are used in other parts of the interface to indicate good/bad/etc, Civ iv has already established colors for the particular context of *faces*. So Yellow for Friendly and Red for Furious (or whatever the worst one is). I'd normally use green for good, but that has been established as the color for the unhealthy face.

    * With the end points established, the other 3 colors were chosen to fit naturally between them. It not only moves from red to yellow but from dark to light. And to highlight the extremes, i made the middle the least saturated, and the ends the most saturated.

    * The player doesn't need to consciously notice the system, the relationship should just be effortlessly inferred.

    * I also increased the distinctness of the expressions on the faces as another means of understanding.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    While I am still hopeful to find a better set of icons, the ones here are very difficult for me to discern. I have poor vision as do many other players. Against a white background (best case) I can barely tell the Furious and Annoyed faces apart, and I can only see the mouth on the Friendly face. With the multi-colored map as a backdrop, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the Cautious and Pleased apart either, but it's hard to say.

    While the colors choices of the current faces are unintuitive, they are distinctive. Even I can tell them all apart easily. The big smile on the Friendly face is a dead giveaway, and red is pretty clear and matches the Unhappy Face icon pretty close. Maybe if we had animated icons it would be easier. ;)

    One idea that you might be able to apply to your scheme would be to make the middle face gray (as it is now) and then blend in from the two endpoints. I dunno, with bright angry red on the end, would a darker or less saturated shade of red look more or less mad? Maybe less saturated, but then would I be able to tell them apart? Again, hard to say without seeing them.

  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2010-03-24

    That was my comment. SF.net's "Remember Me" checkbox is rather forgetful. :(

  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2010-03-24

    Yes, that would help. I got so used to people ignoring the trackers that I stopped scanning for new stuff. In any case, looking at the fully-opaque version you posted I still couldn't discern the faces. The colors are just too close together. Yes, I have very bad eyesight, but I am not color blind. When things get very small it's hard to tell subtle color differences apart.

    Especially the first Annoyed face looks Furious sitting right below the Cautious face. I was originally going to comment that it was a Furious face that looked *slightly* like an Annoyed face until I finally realized that it *is* Annoyed . . . and looks very much Furious.

  • eleazzaar

    eleazzaar - 2010-03-29

    take 2: screenshot

  • eleazzaar

    eleazzaar - 2010-03-29

    Let's not forget that some people *are* color blind, (about 6% of males). Relying on Red/Green to distinguish icons doesn't work for everyone.

    Fortunately the icons can be made to work for both groups. In this version i've adjusted the size of the smiley, so it gets bigger with more extreme relations. This set of icons IMHO does better both in the obviousness of the meaning, and in ease-of-seeing.

    See attached for a screenshot.

    Instead of posting a little snippet of the gamefonts file, here's a link:

    This file is what i'm playing with so it has other changes, which we don't have to worry about just for testing.

  • David Harkness

    David Harkness - 2010-03-31

    Sure, and we can accommodate them as much as possible. I think the most common are red/green and green/gray. These colors should help there. I think if I add these I would prefer to have options for the originals (so add them instead of replace them).

    The other thing is that the GLANCE tab colors the attitude numbers to match the smiley. This won't really work well b/c the Furious red and Annoyed dark red are nearly identical. I dunno how much of a problem that will be for most players.

  • eleazzaar

    eleazzaar - 2010-04-04

    "The other thing is that the GLANCE tab colors the attitude numbers to match the smiley."

    I don't know what this means. Is "GLANCE" some kind of acronym? what is supposed to match the smily?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The GLANCE tab is the second page on the Foreign Advisor (F4) screen. It shows every AI's attitude toward every player on one giant grid of numbers (optional) and smilies. The colors of the numbers match the smilies.


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