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could you make it so that there was an option to show the Dynamic Civ Name in the scoreboard. eg: at the moment you can choose between leader name, civ name or both. i request the options: leader name, civ name, dynamic civ name. leader and civ, leader and dynamic.

the tag for the civ name is CivilizationShortDescription and the tag for Dynamic name is just CivilizationDescription. This is how i changed it for me but it overwrites allowing non-dynamic name instead of being another option.

i went into the main interface file and just searched for the same thing i searched for in RFC. on the line 6963 i changed
"szCivName = gc.getPlayer(ePlayer).getCivilizationShortDescript ion(0)"
"szCivName = gc.getPlayer(ePlayer).getCivilizationDescription(0 )"
testing to see if it works.

it works loaded up a game on Rise of Mankind as greece and "greek tribe" showed up on the scoreboard and changed to "greek city state" after a while.
is it possible to make this an option in the BUG options?


  • ruff_hi

    ruff_hi - 2009-09-02
    • assigned_to: emperorfool --> ruff_hi
  • ruff_hi

    ruff_hi - 2009-09-02

    Done - revision 1914

  • ruff_hi

    ruff_hi - 2009-09-02
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • EmperorFool

    EmperorFool - 2009-09-11
    • status: closed-accepted --> closed-fixed

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