#68 Add Angry Citizen Growth Cap Button


<Vandal>: You know how FF adds the "don't grow past unhappy cap" button?
<Vandal>: Is there a way to add that to BUG / BAT / BULL for normal civ games?
<Vandal>: It would save me so much time
<Vandal>: I actually installed BAT / etc.. hoping it featured that
<Vandal>: In my multiplayer games I waste more time / resources micromanaging "limit growth" than doing anything else all game long
<Valkrionn>: It takes a bit of DLL work to do (Was originally from FlavourMod 2, coded by Jean Elcard), but it would be something to suggest in the BULL forum I think.
<Valkrionn>: It's a very good, low impact feature... Which is what they tend to specialize in.

This pretty much sums up the conversation I had today. FF is Fall Further. Valk said they didn't mind if I repasted this to you guys.


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