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Tortoise might describe it...

Yes, there *is* still active development going on here!
It is painfully slow progress, as each time I want to do something (seemingly) simple, it turns into a major learning project for me!

For example, using SVN was a whole new beast to me and took some real monkeying around before I could even get a reasonable structure uploaded.

I just pushed a new rev today, but the only thing I've really added is the settings module. It does not allow for adding/deleting settings, but rather simply modifying the ones already in the database.
It took a while to sort out the method of doing settings, as I want it to be as simple and yet flexible as possible. I ended up calling the settings up from the database on every Catalyst action, as they will undoubtedly shape how that action is run and/or displayed.... read more

Posted by Brent Parish 2011-06-21

Code post

Well, the initial upload is finally there, almost 2 years later! (ack!)
I have opted to do a full, ground-up rewrite. It made a lot more sense than taking monsterous time trying to clean up what was already there and make it far more generic than specific to my environment.

This time around, I intend to make it "modular" enough that you can pick and choose what you want to run and what makes sense in your environment.... read more

Posted by Brent Parish 2011-04-27


I have begun the tedious process of posting code!
This has taken me a great deal of time to get started on because it really involves a great deal of effort. I am opting to go the "easy route" initially, so that this doesn't go another several years untouched. I have borrowed an installation script from the excellent Request Tracker software (thanks to Jesse Vincent at Best Practical) to at least knock out the Perl dependencies. Now I am focusing on packaging just the required components. For this first pass, I will not be adding all the lovely configure and Makefile scripts, which (most unfortunately!) leaves a great deal of manual work up to the user. :(
Lastly, I will need to make at least one generic template, stripping out the current company logos and all.
Oops - almost forgot - then I need to add at least some semblance of documentation and installation guidelines!
Hopefully you can see just how many hours of work are involved here and will grant me some patience! :)

Posted by Brent Parish 2009-07-29

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