Hmm, I hope this email can send to cishell-developers . . . oh well, I'll know soon.

Bleh, being sick is not happy. It seems like lots of good stuff is
being worked on right now.

The properties file will need to be altered to be legal, specifically
in_data and out_data, and the label and should probably be
changed ;) .

> +#menu_path=Visualization
> +label=My Algorithm
> +description=This algorithm does this and this...
> +in_data=file:mime/type or java.lang.ClassName or null
> +out_data=file:mime/type or java.lang.ClassName or null
> +remoteable=false

Stuff should 'happen' in the execute method. If it happens earlier,
then the algorithm object cannot reasonably be passed around for later

Also, the results of the testing should probably be returned in a
series of files -- one that's in a log-like format, one that's a
summary, one for each conversion leg that's a problem, that sort of
thing. Perhaps even a conversion graph with metadata for the problems
found along each edge.

Hopefully in not too long we can just add the algorithm to the menu,
run it, and have the results of the tests available to take a look at.


> +    public ConverterTesterAlgorithm(Data[] data, Dictionary parameters,
> +               CIShellContext csContext, BundleContext bContext ) {
> + = data;
> +        this.parameters = parameters;
> +        this.context = csContext;
> +
> +        this.tester = new ConverterTester(bContext, csContext);
> +    }
> +
> +    public Data[] execute() {
> +       return null;
> +    }