coltlib contains several different packages: cern.colt.*, cern.jet.* and help.aida.*. so I decide to not use the classpath for it.  



From: [] On Behalf Of Bruce Herr
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 11:42 AM
To: Weixia(Bonnie) Huang;
Cc: Ben Markines; Sabbineni, Ramya; Thakre, Vivek S
Subject: Re: move several libs from nwb repository to cishell repository


that makes sense. please rename all those libraries you committed to 'the classpath' (e.g. edu.uci.ics.jung or org.apache.commons.collections)


ps (remember to include on all cishell related development emails)

On 10/6/06, Weixia(Bonnie) Huang <> wrote:


Since Ben began to work on new conversion service in cishell, he realize
that he needs du.uci.ics.junglib(v1.7.4). And since junglib has dependence
on coltlib and org.apache.commons.collections, I move all of them from nwb
to cishell repository.