#74 Subcircuit selection by appearance

Ilia Lilov

When you click on subcircuit's rectangle area, the circuit will be selected even if that point doesn't contain any element of the circuit's appearance. For example, I use subcircuts to implement long diagonal wire jumpers (more visual alternative for Tunnels); when two or more rectangular areas of such jumper overlap, I can't select individual jumper subcircuit. I think it's normal to expect to select subcircut by appearance elements, but not by virtual rectangular area.
Attached circuit demonstrates the example described above.


  • Ilia Lilov

    Ilia Lilov - 2011-04-16
  • Carl Burch

    Carl Burch - 2011-05-20

    This makes sense, and it is implemented in the most current release ( I'm not sure I entirely like it: In my testing, I used an OR gate built of three curves. Clicking on any of the curves of course selects the OR gate, but the center is technically not "in" any of the curves, so it doesn't select the gate. You can get around this by adding a fully transparent polygon for the region you want to be "clickable," but that's not entirely intuitive.

    I imagine overall, though, that this solution will work well - people probably don't often build up regions bounded by individual line segments and curves.

  • Carl Burch

    Carl Burch - 2011-05-20
    • status: open --> closed

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