#44 Add wire NET-ID to identify electrical nets uniquely

Next Release

It would be very helpful if each wire net could be identified with a unique identifier (if not manually specified, then automatically assigned) . Currently, examining a wire or wire-bundle shows the current logic state and while within a given circuit, the value of the wire-net can be determined as such. When working with sub-circuits, especially when passing input/outputs through multiple splitters, it gets very difficult to know correctly which wire is which net. If each wire-net had its own unique identifier (say, $NET001, $NET002, $RESET, etc.) it could quickly and easily clarify which net a wire belongs to regardless of how many levels deep it is in a sub-circuit or how it was split passing through splitters.

The wire examination feature could be expanded to show not only the wire state, but its net id at a glance, providing a quick and easy means of ensuring a correct circuit.

This could also be expanded to provide more information when editing/examining splitters. In addition to showing which bit a fan-in/out branch is mapped to, it could also show the net id that the bit(s) belong too.


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