Trying to compile the SimpleCounter library

  • aloofpanda

    aloofpanda - 2007-04-18

    Dear Carl,
    First of all I want to let you know this is a great program.

    I am having problems making the SimpleCounter work. Here are the steps I have done so far:
    1. Put SimpleCounter, CounterState, SimpleCounterFactory in a Java project
    2. Copied logism-2.1.5.jar and inserted it into the project as a library
    3. Build with no errors and packaged into Circuits.jar
    4. Open logism and clicked Project -> Load Library -> JAR Library...
    5. Selected the Circuits.jar
    6. Insert "SimpleCounter" as class name

    I keep getting an error that "No such classname found"

    Thank for your dedication and hard work to academia.

    Will Tran

    • aloofpanda

      aloofpanda - 2007-04-18

      I also looked at the file in your Links section of your website and tried to add the Counter class but it is giving me the same error.

      Will Tran

    • Carl Burch

      Carl Burch - 2007-04-18

      Thanks for the thorough description of what you're doing. I think where it goes wrong is when you enter the class name. First, you'll need to put all of your classes underneath some Java package and then type the fully qualified class name (i.e., including the package name before it). Just as importantly, the named class needs to be a subclass of Library.

      In the example you downloaded off the Web page, the classes are in a package called com.cburch.incr, and the Library subclass is called Components, so you would type "com.cburch.incr.Components" as the class name.

      I hope that helps.... Please feel free to ask more if it doesn't.

      ---Carl Burch


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