• scott

    scott - 2010-09-09

    I have create a subsircuit that acts like a relay, so I can play around with relay logic, basically to prove circuits before building them. The problem i have is when i try to connect the output of 2 relays to the input of one it causes an error. is there a way of doing this without putting an OR gate in the middle?

    And thanks for a great program!

  • Ilia Lilov

    Ilia Lilov - 2010-09-09

    I guess you know the reason why error appears, however I'll remember: error value is actually a short circuit, because 1means "this pin connected to plus of power" and 0 means "this pin connected to minus of power". So, it isn't Logisim's whim, it is an actual of logic circuits.

    To solve your problem try to read Logisim's Library Reference about Controlled Buffer. May be it will help you.

    Actually, I can't understand exactly what is "acts like a relay". We have evolution relay -> tube -> transistor; and logic gates actually consist of transistors, so logic gates are more modern substitute for relays. It would be great if you were attach you circuit.


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