add noise does not work

  • Marc Dendooven

    Marc Dendooven - 2009-02-05

    I use logisim 2.1.7. i've created a simple latch. after a 'reset simulation' the circuit is in error. I switched on the add noise option in options-simulation but this has no effect. please help.

    • Marc Dendooven

      Marc Dendooven - 2009-02-06

      a little more information: it is a latch build with 2 NOR gates.
      the error (I assume oscillation) occurs after a reset when both inputs are 0. In the manual this example is used to show the need of adding noise.



    • Marc Dendooven

      Marc Dendooven - 2009-02-11

      it seems that noise is never added in 2.1.7 (even when the button  is checked). I will add this as a bug.


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