IC libraries for Logisim?

Joe Strout
  • Joe Strout

    Joe Strout - 2005-11-07

    I've just starting playing with Logisim (on Mac OS X), and it seems nice.  But I'd like to use it to simulate working with real IC chips.  There don't seem to be any built in, nor do I find any additional libraries available for download here or on the Logisim site.

    Does anyone have any extra Logisim libraries, in particular, simulating common logic ICs?

    - Joe  (joe@strout.net)

    • Carl Burch

      Carl Burch - 2005-11-10


      I don't know of any Logisim libraries simulating common IC chips. They are certainly not in the current built-in libraries, and I haven't heard of any efforts in this direction. I think it's fair to say that Logisim is currently targeting a fairly different audience - at college/university students learning the high-level basics of how CPUs might be designed.

      That said, Logisim would be a reasonable platform for also serving the audience you're thinking of, as long as there are no analog components. (I haven't thought about what analog components would mean for Logisim's simulation engine, but I'm pretty sure it would completely change the underlying engine.) I'd be interested in collaborating with anybody interested in building and supporting such libraries as built-in or third-party libraries for Logisim.

      ---Carl Burch

    • Bud Nail

      Bud Nail - 2005-11-21

      I've built a couple of chips using Logisim over the weekend for a project I was working on.  I imagine I will make more. 
      Any suggestions on style or packaging, to make them more useful?  For example I haven't included pin numbers as part of the pin labels.  Would "D0(1)" for D0 Pin 1 be a good syntax? I've also left out the proper "Not" designation for the pins.  for example Chip Enable Not is "CE" where it should have a bar on top.  Any ideas for a standard like CE\ ?
      I'd be glad to send what I build to anyone who would be willing to serve as a central repository.


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