Roberto R. O. - 2011-06-22

Hello, would it be possible to export circuits to another format?

In my university, we have started using Logisim this course and we just love it, so I am considering to go a little further.

I have implemented the MIPS processor (just like in the Hennessy-Patterson books) using both Xilinx ISE (schematic view) and Logisim.

With Logisim was far much easier. I am thinking of extending the labs in the following way:

- Implement and simulate a customized micro-processor using Logisim
- See the design running onto an FPGA development board

Therefore, I need a way to translate the Logisim circuits to some kind of "standard" format. I know that I cannot translate everything so, I should apply to restrictions about the elements that may be in the circuits.

A first try could consist of translating the Logisim files to another format using a script.

Any idea about this?