Tony Richardson - 2010-01-05

I just discovered Logisim and think it is great!  I plan to use it in a CS logic design class this spring.

A couple of feature requests:

1) I/O from file.  Similar to keyboard, but read a byte from file on each trigger.

2) Load ROM contents from file.  I see that this is kind of supported.  You can load from a file that has a "v2.0 raw" header line followed by ROM contents in hexadecimal.  I'd like to initialize ROM contents from a binary read of a file.

3) Timing diagrams.  I can get them by logging to a file and using another tool to do the plots.  It would be nice to have them built in (as another output device maybe??).

4) Resetting the simulation does not restart logging of data to the beginning of the log file, but appends to the previous contents.  It would be nice to have and option to restart logging to the beginning of the file.  I can kind of get this behavior by selecting the same file to log data to.
The header line is not included in this case though.

5) Resetting the simulation, resets all input pin values to 0.  It would
be nice to have an option to leave them set to their current value.  Or have an attribute for the initial value.

Please don't think I am being critical here.  It is a great program.  If I made a list of all the things I like about it, the list would be tens of pages long.  Thanks for making it available.

Tony Richardson