#132 Logisim lags 30+ seconds when adding component


Hi there. I'm running into performance problems while making circuit modifications. I have completed a 256 byte ram circuit which is built using 16 x 16 byte ram sub-circuits. While putting the 256 byte circuit together I removed the individual byte storage sub-circuits from the 16 byte components to speed up logisim. Then when I put the byte sub-circuits back into the "16 byte ram" sub-circuit I got extreme lag in the gui. My pc takes 30+ seconds to add the last byte component in the attached file and my one year old macbook air really got stuck, I let it run for 24 hours and it didn't finish, even though there were other changes that took around 10 minutes but did eventually complete. During processing it maxes out one of the cpu cores.

I notice on your website you say that you don't experience any noticeable performance issues with your circuits, so I don't understand why I am having these issues. Could you please either find the cause of the issue or maybe just advise how I can tweak my circuits so that logisim can handle them.


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