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Looking for a Programming Team

Greetings folks.

With the moving on of VideoInPicture (Eric Wong), I am looking for programmers to join the Circle Dock team, in order to advance Circle Dock into today and the future.

I am no programmer myself, just the software curator. I am here to ensure that CD moves forward and that Eric Wong's legacy is carried forward and respected.

If you are interested in the future, and have appropriate skills needed to move CD forward, please snd me an e-mail for further information.... read more

Posted by Sgt. E. V. McKay 2012-07-23

Source code update

The last provided source code by the original Author is now available for download in the "All Files" area.

If you have advancements to this code, please advise and send along a copy of your updated code so that it may be added to the downloads here.

Thanks in advance
The Sarge

Posted by Sgt. E. V. McKay 2010-11-25

Source Code

Greetings folks

Many have asked for teh Latest Source code from teh original developer.
Since I have not quite figured out all teh details, and ways to submit stuff here at SourceForge, I have set up a temporary area for teh source code at the Circle Dock home Page here:

Once I figure out how to load the source code to SF, it will be available here as well

If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.... read more

Posted by Sgt. E. V. McKay 2010-11-25

Updates to come

Greetings Folks.

Some of you will know who I am, many will not.
I am commonly known as "The Sarge", and I have been supporting (not programming, as I am no programmer) Circle Dock since our Beloved VideoInPicture suddenly vanished on us some 2+ years ago.

the folks here at SourceForge have kindly turned over Administration of this account to me and therefore "Team Circle Dock" Until VIP's return ;)... read more

Posted by Sgt. E. V. McKay 2010-11-14

Download Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 7

Get the latest builds of Circle Dock at

Posted by Eric Wong 2008-08-29