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  • stlouisubntu

    stlouisubntu - 2012-11-03

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix! I truly hope that you find it easy to use and complete.


    To install, first download both the .iso and the .md5 files appropriate to your processor architecture (i386 for 32-bit and amd64 for 64-bit.) The .md5 is a text file containing the md5sum to allow you to confirm that your .iso downloaded perfectly. The .iso is an isohybrid meaning that the image may either be burned to an optical disk (dvd in this case) or directly to a usb stick (I suggest using at least a 2 GB usb stick to ensure sufficient capacity.) Windows users may use dd for Windows http://uranus.chrysocome.net/linux/rawwrite/dd-old.htm or unetbootin to write to a usb stick and make it bootable http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/

    ImgBurn is another fine method for Windows users to burn an image to a DVD http://www.imgburn.com/

    To boot into your newly burned DVD or imaged usb stick, be sure that the boot order in your BIOS is properly set (or a boot menu may be enabled at boot splash screen as well.)

    Once booting into the installer / live image has commenced, the installation options are mostly self explanatory. Most default options are fine. Two options that arise early in the installation process are to download updates while installing and to install multimedia addons while installing. Selecting these options will not likely cause any problems with installing this remix, but the safest choices would likely be to leave both UNCHECKED. Updates are current as of the MMDDYY date code in the installer filename. Checking the install multimedia codecs will not likely add anything as all are already pre-installed.

    However, one important option to be sure to select is where to install the boot loader. In most testing situations this option has incorrectly defaulted to the USB flashdrive from which the installer was running (usually /dev/sdb.) In nearly all situations, the correct location to install the bootloader is the Master Boot Record of the main (usually only) hard drive of the computer (mostly always will be /dev/sda.) Other options to select are hard drive partitions (/dev/sda1, /dev/sda3, etc.) which are almost never what is desired. Be sure and select the MBR of the main hard drive for this. Otherwise, the computer will not boot once the install is finished and it will all be for naught. This is an upstream bug:


    Support Resources:

    I hope you find the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix easy to use and beneficial. The idea is to maintain the support resources of the ubuntu community, the Ubuntu Software Center, and Ubuntu One, while adding the user friendliness of the Cinnamon Desktop including all extras most users might need (flash, java {openjdk}, multimedia codecs, fonts, libdvdcss, etc.) The following are links to online support resources:





    Also, the following are possible websearch engines to utilize (which respect your privacy): (No, the most popular one is not your friend.)




    If a bug is discovered that is uniquely specific to the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix (not an upstream Ubuntu or Cinnamon bug), feel free to file a sourceforge ticket on this site.

    Again, thank you very much for downloading and I truly hope that you find the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix useful.

    Special thanks to the Ubuntu Project, Canonical Ltd., Mark Shuttleworth, Clement Lefebvre, Cinnamon, and the Debian Project for sharing.




    Also, please note that the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is not supported, endorsed, or affiliated in any way with Ubuntu, Canonical, Mr. Shuttleworth, or Mr. Lefebvre. This project is merely a repackaging of existing already available components intended to be completely ready for the end user.

    Further, the weather applet is preinstalled and set to display the temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The Firefox home page is set to a local television station in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as well. Please change these to your own location and personal preference. As with so many opensource projects, this remix scratches the itch of the lead developer.

    Last edit: stlouisubntu 2012-12-11
  • loukingjr

    loukingjr - 2012-12-02

    I installed Cinnamon Remix in VirtualBox. It works fine but for some reason it takes 30-60 secs to get to the desktop once I see the desktop wallpaper. I've never seen a distro take so long to load the desktop. any thoughts?

    • stlouisubntu

      stlouisubntu - 2012-12-03

      Hey friend! Thanks so much for downloading and installing. You are absolutely right about this issue. In fact, I just booted to a 32-bit Cinnamon-Remix laptop (dual core Centrino 2.0 Ghz laptop with 2 GB RAM) and it took about 72 seconds from LightDM / Gtk-greeter login to Cinnamon desktop. I need to add a "known issues" page on this wiki and include this. Would you please do me a favor and file this as a bug in the bug tracking section of this web site. This does seem to be unique to this remix. Any assistance in troubleshooting and diagnostic would be much appreciated. I wish we could see what is taking so long behind the scenes during this apparent delay. I do know of another cinnamon install on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) which I think uses unity-greeter on LightDM instead of gtk-greeter on LightDM and this delay does not occur. Further, I would like to discuss (and hopefully resolve this) further, but let's move this to either the bug-tracker or at least the discussion section of this site which would be more appropriate.

      Thanks so much.


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