Problems with noveau on LiveCD startup

  • Sascha

    Sascha - 2013-05-07

    When i boot the LiveCD from a USB-Stick (based on unetbootin) it will run, but stop at loading die nouveau graphic drivers. Is there a way to use the vesa drivers.

    Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix - Boot

    With die proprietary nvidia drivers it works on ubuntu itself


    • stlouisubntu

      stlouisubntu - 2013-05-07

      Hey friend! Thanks so much for downloading and attempting to try out the Ubuntu Cinnamon-Remix. After some brief research, it looks like this is an upstream issue. Would you please supply some detail in regard to the system which you are attemtping to boot? (Please include CPU, Memory, and Make and model of graphics card/chipset.) Also, which version of the Cinnamon-Remix are you booting?

      Anyway, I will try to help just the same. On askubuntu, I found

      Please look at the very last suggestion and try that. During the initial boot (before the Ubuntu splash screen and the dots where you seen a symbol at the bottom of the screen), press Enter. Then you will be presented with a menu and options. Press F6 and add nouveau.blacklist=1 to the list of existing boot options. Then press Enter (or whatever key it indicated to resume the boot process.)

      Hope this helps, please provide feedback (and again more detail.)



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