Cinnamon Remix vs Mint

  • Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart - 2012-12-10

    Hi, I kinda like the idea of a Cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu, but since I had a dislike of Unity and serious graphics card issues when I tried to move from Ubuntu 10.04LTS to 12.04LTS, I abandoned Ubuntu and now run Mint 13 Maya with the Cinnamon desktop. I also have the option to use Mate if I feel the need. It's quick to load, runs fast on my old machine, and I can get any linux software I need either from the software centre or using synaptic.

    Echoing Saurav Modak on his comment, "Looking at the close resemblance it has with Linux Mint, I fail to understand the purpose of this distro. How different is Linux Mint from this distro?" What is the difference, and to what purpose?


  • stlouisubntu

    stlouisubntu - 2012-12-11

    Hey friend. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the message. Okay so the question at hand or item for discussion is, "How different is Linux Mint from this distro?" What is the difference, and to what purpose?"

    First, let me state that I have great respect and appreciation for Clement Lefebvre and his work and his sharing. I really like the way that he and his team facilitate the simple installation of Cinnamon on multiple distros. In fact there are Cinnamon packages available not only for Linux Mint, but also Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, Gentoo, and Frugalware. Clearly he is encouraging the installation of Cinnamon on Linux Distributions other than Linux Mint! So, I tend to think that he would not mind the availability of this remix.

    Also, I have great respect and appreciation for Mark Shuttleworth and all associated with the Ubuntu Project (as well as all associated with the Debian Project, Linus Torvalds and Linux, and Richard M. Stallman and the GNU Project.)

    The first part of the question is, "How different is Linux Mint from this distro?" What is the difference?

    Well, it is different in two ways. One, this is Ubuntu and not Linux Mint. Two, different defaults were chosen. As Ubuntu, it includes the Ubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu One, the Ubuntu One Music Store, and the update manager (which is different than Linux Mint's I do believe.) Several alternate defaults were chosen such as, the 32-bit spin utilizes the non-pae kernel, swappiness is set at 20, the two panel (classic) configuration is set for the desktop, the "hot corner" is disabled, the lightdm-gtk-greeter is utilized, weather applet is preinstalled, firefox tabs are beneath the location bar, https-everywhere, adblock plus, and status4evar are also preinstalled. Further, alternate default backgrounds were chosen.

    The purpose for this (and most other remixes) is that defaults matter. They matter because many users (especially new non-power users) do not change and do not personalize them at all.
    "I can’t tell you how many Windows users I see with the taskbar on the bottom and a green rolling hill with a blue sky for the desktop wallpaper."

    The more complete purpose for this is that for quite some time, I have been the leader of a team that performs numerous linux (Ubuntu) installs for average end users (fourth - eighth graders and their families) and we need a custom linux installer which requires very little finalization and tweaking once the initial install has finished. I have found Ubuntu to be the most customizable and Cinnamon to be the most familiar user friendly desktop choice. Further, I am most familiar with Ubuntu. Since my team and I have a need for this, I thought others might also. That is why I am sharing it.

    It is my hope that power linux users will download this and image it to a usb drive to have ready to install for others where once the install is finished, all is complete and ready to go. No tweaking needed. Sensible default settings and packages on a user friendly advanced desktop. Make this your go to distro / remix for your "average user" friends who are open to giving linux a go for the first time.

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  • Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart - 2012-12-18

    Wow, thank you for the very complete answer to my question. I have to agree with you about "defaults matter", and your policy "the 32-bit spin utilizes the non-pae kernel" will be welcomed by very many with older hardware. I feel that the issue of support for older hardware is where the plain Ubuntu has recently gone astray, and lost a lot of support from what I read on the 'net.

    I like the concept of making a distro suitable for your target audience, and will do my best to encourage others in that direction, as well as giving it a whirl myself!

    Keep up the good work.


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