4 bit StaticGray Mode

  • DeckerEgo

    DeckerEgo - 2001-03-12

        Looking to possibly port cingb to a Linux PDA platform - Agenda's VR3. The VR3 runs X but only supports X's 4 bit StaticGray color mode. I looked through the source for unix.c and noticed that building colortables has been hardcoded for 32, 16 and 8 bits (which makes sense - a lot quicker to do memory addressing), but it looks like 4 bits just might <maybe> be doable.
        Question is: how much of an overhaul would it take to implement a 4bpp mode? If it's easily doable, I can see what I can hack out (but also need to get rid of the floating point arithmetic and possibly redo the sound). Ultimately would be pretty cool to have this running on a Linux PDA ;)

    • Cinek

      Cinek - 2001-03-13

      Welcome... very interesting...

      OK, let's see...
      We have 2 problems:

      update gameboy.c, implementing 2 routines
      (which i think are mostly cut'n'paste work)
      gb_scanline4 and cgb_scanline4 (cgb might be
      more difficult!)

      unix.c is eventually to be changed, I don't
      know how compatible the X-server on PDAs is.


      Additional info:
      Sound is very crappy, so don't implement it
      for now, except You really want to start from
      scratch. I would be really happy, but it's
      lots of work.
      cingb doesn't use floating-point-arithmetic.
      (once again, please forget about the sound routines, this is just experimenting).

      Thank You,

      • DeckerEgo

        DeckerEgo - 2001-03-14

        Gotcha. I'm hacking out sound anyways, since the Agenda doesn't support it (yet). The X server should be functionally the same as XFree86, but the source hasn't been released yet. This is all really an extension of the vr-linux project... so it's linux and linux libraries thru and thru (just recompiled for MIPS).
        Notice there were no floats or pthreads in the source, which makes things much easier to port. The only big question in my mind is, as you said, unix.c. We'll see how well things hold up in a cross-compiled environment.

        • Cinek

          Cinek - 2001-03-15

          Well, since the real Gameboy has got only gray  colors. I'm sure it is possible to optimize the sources for this mode. There is lots of palette addressing and perhaps you can make this routine shorter.

          Two questions:
          Do you have enough docs about Gameboy and sound?
          Do you want a developer access to the CVS?


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