Hello (CIL) World.

I have a question about including CIL as part of a tool and tool release: What is the conventional method for including CIL as part of a tool release?

By this, I mean: if a tool uses CIL, does the tool release include the entire CIL source code? The one downside I can see to this is that it requires the package to include the whole source code redundantly, when it can be downloaded separately. However, an upside would be that the user can compile CIL on their own system, and all the hard-coded paths in the Perl scripts would be relevant to the particular machine.

Alternatively, I was experimenting with the idea of distributing only the Cilly driver and the files that it depends on, along with the code, since my code only depends on the Cilly driver. The one downside that I see to this is that the driver and the object files will be machine-dependent; another downside is that I will have to write code that modifies the hard-coded paths in the driver.

I suppose I could also ask the user to install Cilly on her own, and move it to a particular directory, but I would like to make the process as seamless and "one-command-does-everything" as possible.

Suggestions, comments and questions are very welcome.

~ Jon.