#1 Archive users/records patch


We are rollout church info at our church (cccwatson.org.au) here in Australia, we love the work you've done. There is some functionality we needed so we implemented it, so would like to send you a patch.

Firstly it adds the group type to the group lookups, so you can tell what type of group a group is, this is very useful.

Secondly on delete we actually arcihve the person/family. We have a new archive person/family page where you can bring them back or perminately delete them, as we archive we also keep track of why they were archived.

This patch should patch correctly against version 1.2.11. Sorry if it isn't the latest.



  • Matthew Oliver

    Matthew Oliver - 2010-07-31

    some of the notes aren't relelated to the patch.

    We just thought we'd include the notes we made to help you get a better idea on how it works.

  • doncartel

    doncartel - 2011-09-11

    whould this work with the newest version?

  • MrEagle

    MrEagle - 2012-07-12

    Like this patch - all usefull, but struggeling with the archive functions. Found a typo in Line 223 of ArchiveList.php iso:
    a should be {

    but once that was done I can see the archive but not the deletion reasons - I also cannot delete Families without getting a Database error: Database error or invalid data.

    Anybody still working on this - has anybody succeeded with the installation?


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