Custom reports?

  • Linda

    Linda - 2008-09-08

    This software is very impressive, but is there a way to create custom reports? We print a church directory, one page per family, with a family photo, family address, and home phone, then underneath a list of family members' names, cell phones, and birthdays. Is there a way to create a report like this from scratch?

    • Linda

      Linda - 2008-09-10

      I think I can use DirectoryReport.php as a starting point and modify it to work by using 1 column and moving things around, but it will need to insert a page break between each family. Does anyone know how to do this?

    • Michael Wilt

      Michael Wilt - 2008-09-14

      There is page break logic in DirectoryReport.php.  I believe there is one call into the PDF library to start a new page.


    • Linda

      Linda - 2008-09-15

      Thank you Mike! I copied DirectoryReport.php to DirectoryReport2.php so I can change it up and still keep the original. It needs a lot of reformatting but this is a good starting point and I believe it will work perfectly, assuming I can figure out how to adjust everything to match our existing directory.


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