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Chugh / News: Recent posts

Chugh 0.2 released!

There are the following changes:

* [ENH] the entire product is now a separate excel addin

* [ENH] update territory coordinates reads the city from the worksheet, now

* [ENH] getting territory numbers, it starts from the lastest found now

* [ENH] getting coordinates, if postal code are wrong or missing, it will be filled

* [BUG] generating territories, street numbers did not include other suffixes (eg: "bis")

Posted by Samuel 2009-06-23

Chugh 0.1.1 released!

There are the following changes:

* [BUG] adding new rows, they were never considered as ok (white background)

* [BUG] sometimes calculating territory numbers did not work properly

* [BUG] update territory coordinates did not overwrite already computed data

* [BUG] generating territories, did not work properly for territory not bounded

Posted by Samuel 2009-01-22

Chugh 0.1 released!

In this first release, there is a complete automated Excel file with main tasks of Chugh

Posted by Samuel 2008-12-24