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ChronosXP / News: Recent posts

ChronosXP v4.1

ChronosXP v4.1 is now available. It resolves an issue of inaccuracy that was identified in v4.0. If you are using ChronosXP v4.0, we recommend that you upgrade immediately to ensure the most accurate results! Thanks to Carla Andrade Rodrigues Lúcio and 99astro for helping us to identify and resolve this issue!

Posted by Robert Misiak 2009-04-12

ChronosXP v4.0 is now available!

We are happy to announce the release of ChronosXP v4.0, which is now available in 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) editions. New features include better performance, Greek, Hungarian, and Hebrew language support, and new alternative icons to be displayed.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2009-04-08

Beta 3.5 RC 2 Available!

Beta 3.5 RC 2 is available! This version is available in x64 and x86 editions, and it also adds support for the Hungarian language!

Posted by Robert Misiak 2008-07-03

Beta for x64 now available

ChronosXP 3.5 beta for x64 machines is available for download.

Note that this release will only work on 64-bit computers with a native 64-bit version of Windows.

This release requires the .NET Framework v3.5. It's been tested on Vista x64. If you have Windows XP x64 and decide to try it, we'd be interested to hear how it works.

If there is any interest in an ia64 version of the program, please contact the developers.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2008-06-26

ChronosXP v3.4 Released!

After over 2 years since a new version, we are excited to announce the release of ChronosXP v3.4! This is a minor update which makes use of the .NET Framework v2.0 and has improved usability on Windows Vista.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2007-06-18

ChronosXP 3.3.3 Released

We're happy to announce the release of ChronosXP version 3.3.3. New in this version is support for the Portuguese language. The program can be downloaded from our website at Thanks to all who contributed, and Happy Easter!

Posted by Robert Misiak 2005-03-26

ChronosXP 3.3.2 Released

ChronosXP 3.3.2 has been released. It can be downloaded from our home page at Included are numerous bug-fixes and improvements, as well as more comprehensive foreign language support.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2005-02-21

ChronosXP 3.3.1 Released

Only two days after 3.3 was released, we already have a new version! v3.3.1 contains support for the French language, as well as a fix for a minor problem with lunar phases that was present in the previous verison.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2005-01-24

ChronosXP 3.3 Released

ChronosXP 3.3 is now available at our home page, This version includes a number of new features and improvements. Among the new features are a Lunar phase calendar, support for the Italian language, and new multi-colored glyphs. Version 3.3 is the first release of ChronosXP to be released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Posted by Robert Misiak 2005-01-23

Important Upgrade 3.2 Released

ChronosXP 3.2 is now available for download. It was found that the automatic-upgrade system in previous versions of ChronosXP did not work properly; users would be asked if they wanted to download the new version, however the new version would not always be downloaded. Version 3.2 fixes this bug. Due to the nature of the bug, it is recommended that users go to the ChronosXP home page directly at to download the new version, rather then relying on the software to download it for them.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-11-29

ChronosXP 3.1 Released

ChronosXP 3.1 is now available. A signifigant bug in version 3.0 has been identified and is now fixed. We recommend that all users upgrade to 3.1.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-11-17

ChronosXP 3.0 Released

ChronosXP 3.0 is now available. New features include support for the Spanish language, and an improved printing system with many new options. This version also includes quite a few bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-10-09

ChronosXP 2C Beta begins

ChronosXP 2C Beta 1 has just been uploaded. There are some bug fixes and improvements, support for the Spanish language has been added, and the printing system has been improved.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-09-08

ChronosXP Release 2B available

Release 2B is available. Included is support for Windows 98 and ME, and numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-08-09

ChronosXP 2B Beta 1 available

ChronosXP 2B Beta 1 is now available. The major changes in this version are support for Windows 98 and ME, and a few bug-fixes.

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-08-06

ChronosXP 2004 Release 2A is available!

ChronosXP 2004 Release 2A is now available! This version has a lot of improvements, including greater accuracy, numerous bug-fixes, and the ability for much more user customization. This version has also been optimized to run faster and take up less disk space! It can be downloaded from our home page at

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-07-26

ChronosXP Beta 2.20 Release

ChronosXP Beta 2.20 has been released. New features include:

- Faster design (wont take as much memory)
- More flexibility in determining how you will be notified when the planetary hour changes
- You can now open the Planetar Hours Calendary simply by pressing F11
- Improved accuracy in sunrise/sunset time calculation
- Program now takes *less* disk space, since it now does its own drawing for notifying users when the planetary hour changed - previously it displayed stored bitmaps.
- Numerous bug fixes

Posted by Robert Misiak 2004-07-22