Broadcast is not performing as expected...

I've got the config:

App[Tilesort - Broadcast] --> Server[Render - toAppWindow]
Server[Tilesort - Test all Tiles] --> 2x Server[Render - toVideoWall]

But the program never starts.  And if I set any render or tile size larger than 640x480 it complains that it can't "fit" it in the tile.  I've tried setting everything under the program, but I can't get this to work.


2009/9/8 Sean Ahern <>
Stephen Furlani wrote:
> Okay, so I want to make a "Spew" SPU that takes the commands and sends
> identical commands to all of it's nodes.
> ... I have to write a function for each individual OpenGL command!?
>  SPUs like Passthrough and Pack have 600+ commands...

Why not just run the existing Tilesort SPU in 'Broadcast' mode?  It
sends all primitives to all downstream servers.

See "bucket_mode" at


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