Hi chromium-users,

I'm running into an issue on the latest Chrome for Windows - (38071). It does not affect the latest version for mac, so hopefully a fix is already out and just hasn't made it into the Windows releases yet.

While on a page delivered over HTTPS, calls to XMLHttpRequest.send() generate an exception: "NETWORK_ERR: XMLHttpRequest Exception 101". readyState is 1 (Open) prior to the call. The same call succeeds when the page is opened over plain old HTTP. Thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Here's a small test case, written in PHP (just so the test case could be contained in a single file):

if ($_GET['jav']) {
echo '<blink>Not broke!</blink>';

<title>Try to break chroooooome</title>

<script type="text/javascript">
function getNewContent() {
var xmlHttp=new XMLHttpRequest();

var url = "causeNetworkErr.php?jav=ya"
var rtns=xmlHttp.responseText;



<h1>Click the button to break chrome</h1>

<div id="survey">
<button onclick="surveygoinit()">Click me.</button>