I am running six crservers and a crappfaker on a single multi-core machine under WinXP. From time to time, the rendering windows hang. The longest run I've had is about 45 minutes. The typical time up is about 10 minutes with variation among the four different applications that I run.
I read through the Chromimum dev archives and located a series of 2006 posts by Michael Durig where he includes a patch for non-blocking sockets instead of blocking. Here's the archive.
This patch (with some slight modifications and #ifdef bracketing) seems to do the trick at least for XP. I have now been running an app through Chromium for 18+ hours with no hangs yet.
Couple quick questions:
(1) Does anyone have thoughts or words of warning as to whether a non-blocking approach will cause other problems?
(2) Anyone else seeing the hang behavior on WinXP?
Best regards,

David L. Page
Third Dimension Technologies LLC
Knoxville, Tennessee