I am using chromium on windows, I am trying to run sample application on it. But I am getting network error.



>python crdemo.conf atlantis

This is Chromium, Version 1.9

Start a crappfaker on Pramit-PC

Start a crserver on Pramit-PC



CR Warning(Pramit-PC:0): crGetPID not implemented on Windows yet!

CR Warning(Pramit-PC:0): Couldn't find the CRMOTHERSHIP environment variable, defaulting to localhost

CR Debug(Pramit-PC:0): In crNetConnectToServer( "localhost", port=10000, mtu=8096, broker=0 )

CR Debug(Pramit-PC:0): Connecting to Pramit-PC on port 10000, with protocol tcpip

CR Warning(Pramit-PC:0): Connection refused to Pramit-PC:10000, connection refused

CR Debug(Pramit-PC:0): crNetConnectToServer() failed, freeing the connection

CR Error(Pramit-PC:0): Couldn't connect to the mothership, I have no idea what to do!


I tried telnet localhost on port 10000, that is working. But on trying to connect crserver, it is giving connection refused, I have tried turning off firewall, running as administrator.