Help:pack ->tilesort -> render crash!

  • earthworm

    earthworm - 2006-04-14

    Have somebody used a pack spu downstream to a tilesort spu then to some render spus?
    It is the "remote rendering" configuration(the 4th configuration Chromium supported) described in "An Overview of Chromium " --

    But when I ran it, the tilesort spu crashed, it said that "No tiling information for servers!" and "Total output dimensions = (0,0)"
    I searched this string in the source code and  found that in crserverlib/crserver_tiles.c
    line 222:
      in function
    void crServerGetTileInfoFromMothership( CRConnection *conn, CRMuralInfo *mural )

        if ((!crMothershipGetServerTiles(conn, response)) &&
                (!crMothershipGetServerDisplayTiles(conn, response)))
            crDebug("No tiling information for server!");

    It seems that the crserver which load the tilesort spu fail to get the tile informations from mothership. Then the tilesortspu_Viewport() in tilesortspu_viewport.c fail due to the windows size is (0,0)

    I guess that there must something wrong in my config file, but I can not find it.
    Can anybody help me? :<    Thanks very much!

    I use cr-1.8 on WinXP sp2, compiled in VS2003
    this is my config file:

    import sys
    sys.path.append( "../server" )
    from mothership import *

    demo = 'city'
    W = 500
    H = 400

    client = CRApplicationNode( )
    renderserver  = CRNetworkNode( 'machine1' )
    tileserver = CRNetworkNode( 'machine2' )

    packspu = SPU("pack")
    packspu.AddServer( tileserver, "tcpip", 7000) # let pack downstream to tileserver

    tilespu = SPU("tilesort")
    #tilespu.Conf('bucket_mode', 'Broadcast')

    tilespu.AddServer( renderserver , "tcpip", 7000) #let tileserver downstream to render server
    tileserver.AddSPU( tilespu)

    renderspu = SPU("render")
    renderspu.Conf( "window_geometry", [0, 0, W, H] )
    renderserver.AddTile( 0, 0, W, H )

    client.SetApplication( demo )
    cr = CR()
    cr.MTU( 1024*1024 )

    cr.AddNode( client )
    cr.AddNode( renderserver )
    cr.AddNode( tileserver )


    • Garland Stern

      Garland Stern - 2006-04-20

      I don't know why you want to have 'pack' on the client node and 'tilesort' on the render node.  Take a look at simplemural.conf - it appears that the tilesort spu is meant to be on the client node.


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