Help: Texture problem when using tilesort

  • earthworm

    earthworm - 2006-04-07

    I downloaded cr1.8 and compiled it on Winxp SP2, vs.net2003. I found that tilesort can not process texture data correctly.
    When I ran Quake3 and Counter-Strike1.6, only a few textures can been seen on renderspu window, a lot of them were not visible even though I used 1 tile
    and set parameters below:
    tilesortspu.Conf('bucket_mode', 'Broadcast')
    tilesortspu.Conf('dlist_state_tracking', 1)
    tilesortspu.Conf('auto_dlist_bbox', 1)

        I also found that 'city' demo use textures and do show textures correctly.  I guess that Quake3 may display list heavily.
    But when I use a simple demo from famous NeHe's opengl lessons( lesson6 -- the scene consists of a cube and each face is mapped a 256*256 bitmap for texture)
    the textures were still invisible in renderspu window! I am very depressed now and do not know how to deal with it. :<
            Do somebody face a similar trouble? I ask for your help.... Thanks very much.

    • earthworm

      earthworm - 2006-04-10

      I found there was something wrong in my config file and I fixed it. I am sorry to waste your time. Forget the posts I posted several days ago. :>

    • Garland Stern

      Garland Stern - 2006-04-12

      I've had a similar problem.

      Could you please post the fix you found?

    • earthworm

      earthworm - 2006-04-14

      Actually, there was no error in my config file. When I searched the mail achive, I found that there was a bug in renderspu_wgl.c.
      line 251: hdc, pixelformat, sizeof( ppfd), ppfd );

        change 'sizeof( ppfd)' to 'sizeof( *ppfd )'

      do the same in line 268. then I recompiled and found that tilesort do can work with textures!
      Good Luck! :>


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