Garland Stern - 2006-03-28

I'm having problems getting tilesort to work as advertised - with 'bucket_mode' set to 'Broadcast' only the 1st render SPU gets all the primitives; others get some reduced set:  with 'city' for example, non-1st render SPUs show only the ground plane and the NEWS direction letters.  With 'bucket_mode' set to 'Frustum', non-1st renderers have buildings popping off when one vertex goes out of frame.

Since I haven't seen similar complaints, I'm guessing that this is the result of build problems rather than bugs in the code.  I'm building on a Win2k system with VC6.  In fact, my 1st tilesort release build would crash on init.  I'm now running with a debug build that often crashes on exit.  I'm willing to dig in and debug, but I am not sure where to start looking.  I'd greatly appreciate advice from anyone who's solved a similar problem, especially under Windows.  Failing that, it would help to know what would be interesting places for breakpoints when looking at the 'lost broadcast stream' situation.

Thanks in advance . . .