David Page - 2011-02-23

I am having trouble running GoogleEarth under a Win7 build of Chromium.

I am able to run GoogleEarth, but when I zoom down into NY City, for example, some of the textures on the buildings disappear and reappear. The geometry is correct and most of the textures are correct. However, some of the building "facade" textures disappear and reappear as I navigate.

The buildings without textures appear white/gray. I have noticed that not all buildings in NY have textures as I have run GoogleEarth independent of Chromium to correlate what buildings are dropping textures.

I have stripped down to run a single client (no servers) with just the RenderSPU and I still see this behavior. I first noticed it with PackSPU on a client and RenderSPU on a server. I trimmed back to the single client to narrow down the cause.

The behavior appears to be repeatable. The same buildings at the same zoom/view drop textures.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Linux or Win7? Anyone have pointers where I might begin looking at the code to overcome this problem.

I thought that perhaps the GL textures IDs (handles) were getting walked on, but with just the client and the RenderSPU, I haven't seen anywhere in the code where GenTextures and textures IDs aren't handle properly. I may have missed something. Other areas I should look at?

Thanks in advance.