#2 dynamically generated sound using csound/STK

Paul Wise

Brian Redfern had the idea to convert the audio stuff to use csound, giving the ability to generate the audio at runtime and giving them a more dynamic feel instead of being pre-recorded. Some conversation about this:

brian: I'd like to use the csound engine to generate the sounds and music in "realtime"
pabs: that could be really cool, I don't think there are many games that do that
brian: its the new thing, so there are a couple doing that, but its in commercial gaming, no one has the time to add it to an open source game so far
brian: basically the sound effects can change depending upon game action
pabs: sounds pretty awesome
pabs: the sound effects in chromium could definitely use some loving - like when you get hit by weapons fire and stuff


  • Paul Wise

    Paul Wise - 2009-04-09

    Brian wrote this in private email:

    I took a look at Perry Cook's STK c++ library and that's actually likely a better tool to use than csound for realtime game audio.

  • Paul Wise

    Paul Wise - 2009-04-09
    • summary: dynamically generated sound using csound --> dynamically generated sound using csound/STK